Your Colour Journey

Natural Glossing

Your colour journey can be an inspiring, invigorating and youth inducing experience, and with your Head to Toe Goldwell expert you are in excellent hands to see you through what may become a life’s journey of colour. The journey often starts with Natural Glossing and tonal enhancement.

Throughout the changing seasons your hair can become naturally dull and flat caused by natural elements and the affects of modern central heating.

At Head to Toe, we offer the premium Goldwell Colorance service which actually conditions and repairs your hair as it contains no damaging ammonia. It improves your hair strength by up to 35% on each application, giving you glossy, healthy looking hair and adding shine and tone back into your hair.

So, whether you would like a subtle colour change, a vibrant statement impact, or if you simply wish to enhance your natural tones, brighten highlights or hide the first sign of greys, this is the colour service for you. Colorance will gently cover up to 75% grey, and has a regenerating formula so that you can sparkle any time of the year without commitment.

Prescriptive Colour Concept

As your journey through life continues, so does your colour journey, and so does the creativity, so we have introduced our Prescriptive Colour Concept.

The Prescriptive colour concept is the next stage of colour commitment at Head to Toe. This colour service will permanently cover or blend away grey hairs, add rich and luxurious red tones to your hair or subtly enhance your own colour with our prescriptive range of golds and browns using the latest on trend seasonal colours.

Head to Toe only use the latest technology to ensure you maintain optimum condition, durability and shine at all times, it also delivers 100% grey coverage with multi-depth reflections. Commit yourself to natural, vibrant and glossy hair.

Colour Lock-In

Boost your colour’s life by adding colour lock-in to your Prescriptive Colour treatment and enjoy vibrant glossy hair throughout your time between salon visits. The Lock-in serum will give you up to 22 more washes before fading. Thus maintaining your colour’s freshness throughout the life of the colour, and enhancing your colour experience.


A premium, innovative and conditioning bleach that lifts up to 7 levels, SilkLift features an Intensive Conditioning Serum, for ultimate hair condition and structural balancing. SilkLift is so gentle that your hair maintains its healthy smoothness and the shine – while achieving the same light, pure blonde as usual.