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Electrolysis is the process of permanently removing hair. A thin, hair-like needle is inserted in the hair follicle, sending electric currents through the follicle.

Competitively priced professional hair removal by electorlysis in Abingdon, Oxford, Oxfordshire.

This not only kills the follicle but prevents hair growth. Electrolysis is carried out over a period of time to achieve permanent hair removal, and the speed of the effects will depend on the size of the area being treated and on the individuals colour and thickness of hair. There may be some pain during the procedure, but this also depends on the individual’s pain tolerance. 

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At HEAD to TOE we use Blend electrolysis which combines both galvanic and thermolysis electrolysis. This means that AC and DC currents are both passed through the needle to destroy hair follicles. Electrolysis has been proven to be clinically safe and effective. The ideal areas for using electrolysis would be the face, cheeks and upper lip. However, it can be used on larger areas of the body, but the process may take a lot longer. Electrolysis is not pain free and may come with some mild side effects such as redness and swelling. However these side effects will not last very long and you will notice the benefits of the electrolysis relatively quickly.