Want a career in Professional 5 star Hairdressing?

The modern world of hairdressing offers a wide selection of career opportunities plus the ability to earn an excellent wage. If you would like to join our team read on!

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Models wanted for our ongoing training programme.


models wanted

We have a strong apprenticeship training programme and so we constantly need models to help our young stars progress.

250 years experience

You can buy experience...250 years of experience in fact!

When you visit a salon it is important to know that you are visiting a highly trained, EXPERIENCED team, so we thought we would add up the experience you are buying into every time you visit HEAD to TOE, and that figure comes to 250 YEARS!

to colour or not to colour

To colour or not to colour? That is the question...

So many clients ask about colour and what colour can do for them, and of course the answer is as diverse as the people who ask the question.