Spots: 5 Skin mistakes you're making.

spot guidance

and what to do instead...

No matter what age you are, diet, stress, hormones and environment can all contribute to spots rearing their ugly (white)heads. Yet in a desperate effort to banish them, it’s easy to exacerbate – rather than alleviate – the problem.

So here’s five of the most common spot-related mistakes – and what to do instead when an eruption threatens…

1. You squeeze: The temptation to squeeze a whitehead can be utterly overwhelming – but desist or risk a rash of scars. To reduce the swelling and inflammation, try mixing a small amount of baking soda with water and apply it directly to the spot using a cotton wool bud.

2. You forget protection: Without SPF protection, the area of skin afflicted by the spot can easily become a permanent scar thanks to the damaging effect of UV rays. Yet many sunscreens contain ingredients that block pores and make pimples worse. So pick an SPF product that contains titanium dioxide to protect the skin without clogging those pores.

3. You over-exfoliate: We’ve all woken up in a panic, facing an important day ahead – with a spot glaring back at us in the mirror. While it’s tempting to start scrubbing away at it, over-exfoliating can dry the skin, sending a message to the sebaceous glands to produce more oil. Instead, use an exfoliating product twice a week and apply a spot treatment just to the affected area every morning and night.

4. You overdose on product: When it comes to anti-ageing, it’s easier to think that ‘more is better’. Yet slathering skin in a rich cream with a high oil content can block pores and worsen any residual spots. A two-pence piece sized blob will cover the entire face.

5. You spread bacteria: Most of us are all but surgically attached to our mobile phones these days. But they harbour germs and bacteria which, combined with the make-up, dirt and pollution that most of us come into contact with throughout the day, can quickly contribute to a mass breakout when we place them against our skin. So be sure to clean your phone with an anti-bacterial wipe on a daily basis.

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