Important Client Message - Please Read!

Dear Clients,

Many of you will have heard about our attempts to move HEAD to TOE ready for an exciting new era of the salon. It had taken two years of hard work to get right to the final stages of completing the move, however, sadly, at the last minute we have come up against an insurmountable problem with a lease on the new buildings we were moving to, and so we have had to cancel the move. Unfortunately this is at such a late stage, that we have made commitments to release the existing building we trade from and so regrettably this means the business must close its doors for the last time on 31st October 2018.

As you can imagine, this last minute change of plan, has hit us hard and our key focus now must be on supporting our team in securing new employment. We are very hopeful that we can be successful with this challenge, and in the meantime continue to offer the day to day hair and beauty services that you know us so well for.

During this somewhat difficult final three months, we may experience some staff shortages as key members of the team find themselves alternative employment, however we will endeavour to continue to offer the best service possible. We please just ask that if we are a little slower to answer the telephone, or indeed have to put the answerphone on from time to time, or if we cannot fit appointments in sometimes, that you bear with us.

We thought we would do a short Q&A section to try to clear any questions you may have.

Q, What happens to any appointments I already have?

A, If you currently have an appointment booked, then we will probably be able to carry out the service required. If any team member leaves and it will affect your appointment, then we will contact you to discuss any alternatives we may be able to offer. All appointment availability will cease after the 31st October 2018.

Q, Will I know where my stylist/therapist has moved to?

A, If your stylist/therapist gets employment at another salon, and they give us permission to give out that information then we will happily pass on that information, however, we obviously have to respect privacy and the GDPR data protection laws so we are unable to give out personal information to anyone who is not entitled to it.

Q, Can I make another appointment with my stylist/Therapist?

A, Your stylist/therapist will be able to advise you during your visit if they have found any other employment. We plan to trade for three months to the end of October. If your stylist/therapist does leave between booked appointments we will contact you to let you know.

Q, What happens if I have an appointment after the 31st October 2018?

A, We would be grateful if you could bring that to the attention of our reception during your next visit, so that both parties agree the appointment has been cancelled from the appointment book. We will contact every client who has an appointment after our official closing date.

Q, Can you definitely contact me?

A, It is vital that your contact details are up-to-date on our records, so that we can advise you on any changes to the information we are giving out, if your details have changed recently or you have not given us your best contact details we recommend that you update our reception with them asap. To be kept up-to-date, you should request to allow text and email marketing on our system when talking with reception (this is required by law with GDPR rules), as this is the only way we can reasonably communicate to all clients any in-depth information directly. If you have a friend who you know visits HEAD to TOE and has opted out of our marketing then they will not have received notice of this communication, so you may wish to let them know this information is available on our website or Facebook page.

Q, What if I have a gift voucher and it is still in date?

A, We ceased sales of gift vouchers in preparation of our move to new premises, so there should not be many vouchers that are still in date, If you have a gift voucher and it is still in date, then we will of course honour your voucher. We recommend that you contact us as soon as possible to book in for your service/treatment, so that you get your choice of team member as much as possible. If you have a gift voucher but it is out of date, then unfortunately you will not be able to redeem it.

Q, Will I still be able to purchase my favourite products in salon?

A, The simple answer is that while stocks last then you will be able to buy from us. However, we will be running down our stocks of retail products, so from time to time, there may be products that are out of stock.

Q, What is the actual date you will close?

A, We anticipate closing on 31st October 2018. We recommend that you keep an eye on our Facebook page (, or search ‘Head to Toe Oxford’ on Facebook ), or website (, to keep up to date with the latest news on the salon.

As you can imagine this is a difficult and emotional time for all of us here at HEAD to TOE, so we ask that you are understanding and respectful of the team’s feelings when discussing this with them. They will endeavour to offer the same high standards of service you would expect from them, but it is an emotional time for them all.

We are also aware that this will be upsetting for some of our clients. We still have clients who first started visiting when we opened the doors some 28 years ago and many who joined us throughout the subsequent years, who have grown to be friends to us as well as clients. It is the end of a very special era, but as they say, ‘all good things must come to an end’, and that time has sadly come for HEAD to TOE.

We would just like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you for your support over the years, without our amazing clients, HEAD to TOE would not have been the very special place it has become.

All our Love, from us all,

Hayley, Angus and the HEAD to TOE team.